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Join the Doga Challenge this August

Increase your strength, flexibility and bond with your best 4-legged friend, while you challenge yourself at home to 30 minutes of Doga daily for 30 days during August.

Doga is the emerging trend that combines yoga and dogs, because everything’s better with a dog, right? It promotes bonding with your dog by encouraging your dog to assist with poses and to work with you throughout your Doga session. This can help your dog learn how to trust and will strengthen your relationship which can improve their general behaviour and responsiveness to training.

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You don’t have to be a Yoga expert and your dog doesn’t need to be one either! Simply do your Doga any time, any place, just so long as you’re doing it for 30 minutes, daily.

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Do your Doga daily

Do your first 30 minutes. Do more if you like! There’s no limit. Just get a minimum of 30 minutes in. Consistency is key!

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Why not? COVID-19 restrictions have created an opportunity for all of us to look at things differently! We’re all possibly a little less active than we would normally be, and DOGA’s the perfect solution to get you moving again, bending, stretching, flexing your mind & body… and bonding with your dog!

Just like humans, dogs feel stress and anxiety and are just as aware of changes to their routine as we are. By committing just 30 minutes a day in August to stretch yourself & bond with your dog, not only will you & your best 4-legged friend feel the difference, but you’ll also be helping to raise much needed funds to train life-changing Guide & Assistance Dogs for people in your local community. Small change, big difference.

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Just like Yoga, Doga can help you deal with stress and anxiety. It’s also great for anxious dogs as they learn to become still and relaxed.


Doga is an incredible opportunity to bond with your dog. Working together on assisted poses in a calm and quiet environment builds trust and strengthens your relationship. 


DOGA is a great form of mind and body exercise for both you & your pet! Regular stretching and exercise improves flexibility, range of motion and helps with circulation.

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